Ultra-Clean Ranges

The extrusion, printing, cutting and shaping of polyethylene in all forms: Materials:
Polyethylene Low, Medium and High Density (LDPE / MDPE / HDPE). Available in :

transparent, white, black or colour
Possible print
Thickness: 15 to 300 .mu.m.
Treatments: Sliding, Anti UV, Anti-corrosion, Corona, Anti-block, anti-sliding, antistatic.
Finishes: Micro & Macro perforation, pre-cutting.

Polyethylene granules
Polyethylene granules
ultra-clean bags
ultra-clean bags
All processes are monitored in a fully controlled atmosphere area, relying on :

• Control of the formulations of polyethylene granules
• Control of the particle cleanliness (less than 1,000 particles cubic foot of air)
• Control of the shaping environment (classified rooms)

Control of standards

• Compliant to European directives and regulations
• Compliant to food contact
• No heavy metals, No Phthalates, No bisphenol A, No nitrosamine, No Latex
• No materials or substances of animal origin (BSE)

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