Sterilisation Indicators

Biological sterilisation indicators

Self-contained biological indicator

We offer self-contained Etigam biological indicators to measure the effectiveness of sterilisation through ethylene oxide gas or steam. They contain biological spores inoculated onto a paper strip that is packaged in a plastic tube containing culture media.
No laboratory equipment is needed for the cultivation.

24 / 48h Reading

These colour indicators change to deep yellow when spores grow.

Chemical Sterilisation Indicators

We offer Etigam ® brand auto-adhesive chemical sterilization indicators; they are used to distinguish between untreated and treated products. Also available : Class 6 emulating indicators.

Class 6 Emulating Indicators

For the control of the parameters of sterilisation through water vapour of 121 ° C to 134 ° C. The colour of the indicator is inhibited by the presence of air / steam / gas, or when one of the sterilisation cycle parameters is insufficient. The colour of the reactive ink changes colour from purple to green when the sterilisation conditions: time, temperature, steam are properly met.

indicateur chimique

Class 3, 4 and 5 sterilisation Integrators

Intégrateurs de stérilisation

Auto-adhesive strips with sterilisation indicators

Composed of an impregnated semi-creped paper printed with specific ink for chemical sterilisation indicator. Width 19 mm, length 50 ML. Available for three methods of sterilization.

indicateur chimique