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Peelable Pouches & Reels

Standard dimensions on stock.
Medical paper 60gr-PET/PP tinted film, Steam sterilisation < 134 ° C and Ethylene Oxide gas.
Medical quality paper and film ensure a fiber-free peelable opening.
Printed with steam and EO Gas sterilisation indicators.

Peelable Pouches & Reels shaped according to your specification, unprinted or printed, sterilisation process, mechanical constraint and / or desired barrier.
Manufacturing starts from 1,000 units. (in compliance with standard in force.)


Coils for automatic packaging machines.
We have selected a combination of films allowing us to offer you sealing forces tailored to your machines, rates, products and sterilisation processes.
Neutral or printed, available on cardboard-or plastic cores.

Peelable reels